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The Making-of is a video catalogue of Europe's most outstanding food producers.
Foie Gras belongs to the protected cultural and gastronomical heritage of France
Foie Gras is undoubtedly one of the most touchy topics one can find on a food-lovers plate. How such a product could enter our catalogue? Well, we want to offer those who can simply not resist the chance to find one of France’s best producers.

Maison Barthouil works closely with their duck farmers and establishes strict guidelines for their breeding: The farmers rear on average not more than 200 ducks of the traditional rustic Picaillon breed, which has a much slower growth than common duck breeds. The ducks spend most of their lives outdoors and their fodder consists of a minimum of 50% maize (all Non-GMO). When it comes to the gavage (the stuffing), these ducks will not be transported to specialised stuffing farms, but rather remain on their home-farms where the gavage takes place. This way the stress of the animals is considerably reduced.

The elaboration of the foie gras within Maison Barthouil starts with the cold-evisceration technique, a more time-consuming method that adds much taste to the final product. A sprinkle of salt, pepper and sugar. And nothing else.
As Jacques Barthouil emphasises, a duck is like a pig in that every part of the animal can be used. The wide product range of Maison Barthuil reflects the rich tradition of France’s South-West region in turing all duck parts into mouth-watering delicacies.

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  1. eric

    Bravo Jacques !
    allez Barthouil !

  2. John Grant

    Bien fait! J’etais attaque par un grand faim entrain de te voyer!

    J’espere que toutes va bien avec la famille la bas – especialement Tante Killy – nous n’avons pas rien a dire de chez elle.

    Cheers! comme on dit en Angleterre!

    John and the rest

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